Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band
Paramount Theatre
Austin, Texas

contrast clause - this is a different recording than the bobinchicago one to be found here:
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Instruments: Davis McLarty: Drums; Richard Bowden: Fiddle;
Charlie Sexton: Guitar; Lloyd Maines: Guitar and steel guitar;
Terry Allen: Keyboard; Bukka Allen: Accordion; Ryan Bingham:
Electric mandolin; Bale Allen: Bongos; Glenn Fukunaga: Electric
bass; Joe Ely: Harmonica. Vocals from all except McLarty and
Glenn Fukunaga, but also with Terri Hendrix, Jo Harvey Allen,
and Savannah Welch.

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01 The Juarez Device (aka Texican Badman)
02 The Characters - A Simple Story
03 Cortez Sail
04 Border Palace
05 Dogwood
06 What Of Alicia
07 There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California
08 Honeymoon In Cortez
09 Four Corners
10 Cantina Carlotta
11 La Despedida (The Parting)
12 Wilderness of this World

set ii

13 Jo Harvey Allen intro, remarks
14 Wolfman of Del Rio
15 Amarillo Highway (for Dave Hickey)
16 High Plains Jamboree
17 The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy)
18 The Beautiful Waitress
19 The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma
20 Pause for Lloyd tuning
21 Truckload of Art
22 The Collector and the Art Mob
23 New Delhi Freight Train
24 FFA
25 Flatland Farmer
26 My Amigo
27 The Pink and Black Song
28 The Thirty Years Waltz (for Jo Harvey)
29 I Just Left Myself
30 Applause
31 Gimme a Ride to Heaven [Allen/Ely duet]
32 Give Me the Flowers [Allen/Ely duet]