Terry & The Pirates
Different Fur Music, San Francisco, CA. (not confirmed)
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01 Heartbeatin' Away
02 Montana Eyes
03 True Medicine
04 Shadow Of The Buffalo

A few weeks ago, while digging thru my Cipollina archive when I came across two different versions of Terry & The Pirates Record Plant '73 show. I decided to give both of them a listen again, just to see which was better. One had better sound and more songs, but one was a little more mysterious. At the end of the CD lurked a few tracks that were not from the broadcast. They sounded like a bit of a rehearsal instead. While the Record Plant show has been circulated, this rehearsal never really has. Maybe a few people here and there, but that's it...

The songs mirror what ended up as side 2 of the offical album "Wind Dancer", which was recorded at Different Fur Music in San Francisco, May 1977. While I can't confirm this, I quite sure these rehearsal/run-thru/demos versions are from the same location. Not only the tracks were similar, but so it's instruments and the backing vocals of Pam Tillis.

These will not blow your mind, but they are nice to have. I am sure glad I gave a more in depth listen instead of the CD ended up a coaster, or worse, in a landfill. I hope you enjoy this same addition to your own collection as much as I have!

As always, enjoy!
-Tom Shyman (amellowsoul@gmail.com)