Terry Reid
The Point, Cardiff, Wales, U.K.
22 May 2008

1 Cut/Ballad Of Easy Rider
2 Banter
3 Without Expression
4 Banter
5 Faith To Arise
6 Banter
7 I Couldn`t Hurt You?
8 Banter
9 In The Eye Of The Raging Storm
10 Banter
11 Between Leaving And Gone
12 Banter
13 Don`t Worry Baby
14 Banter/MD Flip
15 Rich Kid Blues
16 Banter
17 Silver White Light
18 Banter
19 There Is A Town
20 Banter
21 Brave Awakening
22 Banter
23 Too Many People In The World
24 Banter
25 The Road We Chose
26 End/Banter
27 Encore/Banter
28 May Fly
29 Endpiece

We arrived late so missed the first part of Easy Rider. Thanks to Lorraine for the champagne. I was down the front but there were talkers all around, some of them were my friends. Great gig with Terry and band on excellent form at the best venue in Cardiff. I`ve edited out some audience where it was in me and microphone`s lughole. Apart from that it`s raw source - warts n` all. Class is permanent.