Texas Lightning - Cologne,Gemany,Underground Club
26. Oktober 2005

analog audio cable radio>CDR(Philips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>
flac(8)TLH align on sector boundaries

broadcasted 2008.11.30 by WDR 2 radio.Excellent quality,
listen to MP 3 samples.
This one is dedicated to commando hg,our old fashion punk
and country lover,beer holder and condom tester.
Between track 07 and track 08 I removed some traffic news,
as always when WDR 2 broadcasted live shows our friend
and lead singer of BAP ( hahaha) Wolfgang(the one and only)
Niedecken drives as a ghost driver at the Cologne highways.

Olli "Ringofire" Dittrich (drums & vocals)
Jonny "The Flame" Olsen (leadvocals & guitar)
Markus "Fastfinger" Schmidt (electric guitar & banjo)
Uwe "Friendly" Frenzel (doublebass & vocals)
Miss Jane Comerford (leadvocals & ukulele)

Set Liste:

Bad Case Of Loving You
Man Of Constant Sorrow
These Boots Are Made For Walking
The Unknown Stuntman
Dancing Queen
Man In The Mirror
Ticket To Ride
Over the mountains
C'Est La Vie
Walk On The Wild Side
Highway To Hell

T.T. 50 min.

flac fingerprints :

45b0d04f9e091ad34149a2f45089d351 *01.Bad Case Of Loving You.flac
f560686b1d4e40c9dc086b35f68d2319 *02.Man Of Constant Sorrow.flac
792ccf3659e9dbc5dbe9eaabbf682649 *03.These Boots Are Made For Walking.flac
c0c6766bce374eb8a9bac766caf458f2 *04.The Unknown Stuntman.flac
3b92932f5f1a38767745f3f293d6120a *05.Dancing Queen.flac
c19d21e27b0489ac54446f0ac805d9a8 *06.Man In The Mirror.flac
37e604e68513d85b3842dab724fe981e *07.Ticket To Ride .flac
1eb737364bad11aa51036a97fb45154a *08.Kiss.flac
cf0b35e170e7d1714c6420dcee04f7a5 *09.Over the mountains.flac
9c869fea4e841e425299cf558252b5f8 *10.C'Est La Vie.flac
7756b7681621aa8eb13218e94fc8c61c *11.Walk On The Wild Side.flac
70ed62e069246968ec82754738877eed *12.Highway To Hell.flac
7b03085fa7d3dc90bfb6229fa66b2dd0 *13.Jackson.flac
85153181cc66a23569d9436477c59b1d *Texas Lightning - Cologne,Gemany,Underground Club 2005.10.26.txt
81254ab1519f00410a41ee5a6acf09c8 *Texas Lightning - Cologne,Underground 2005.10.26.ffp