The Band
Basement Reel/ MFBP Outtakes
"Big Pink"
West Saugerties
New York


Unknown (Mauro R.) > WAV > Audacity (Tracked) > FLAC

(WAV file from Mauro R. - GW 2021-01-31)

1. Ruben Remus (Instrumental)
2. Beautiful Thing I
3. Beautiful Thing Ii
4. Orange Juice Blues
5. Katie's Been Gone
6. Ruben Remus
7. Orange Juice Blues
8. Yazoo Street Scandal
9. Organ Riffs
10. Blues Instrumental
11. Ferdinand The Imposter
12. If I Lose
13. Bacon Fat
14. Long Distance Operator
15. Spoken Word / Instrumental
16. Blue Moon (Instrumental)
17. Gloria / Banana Boat Song

Recordings From The Basement At Big Pink. A Few Of These have been cleaned up, edited and appear in different form as bonus tracks on re-releases of MFBP.

(These are the same recordings as appear on Disc 10 of the 11 disc set "The Basement Reels)