Date: 11/5/70
Performer: Band
Location: Medford, MA Cousins Gym, Tufts University
Source/Quality/Length: AUD/Fair/90

With all the surfacing of rare "The Band" shows I decided to finally start sharing some of my collection.
This is an amazing show, one of my favorites. This is very intresting because alot of the album "Stage Fright"
was played. This includes rarely preformed songs such as All La Glory, and Just Another Whistle Stop.
The only downside here is the quality, sounds like the unknown taper was far from the stage.
The orginal tape aparently didnt age well and yet the quality decreased more. The good thing here is vocals
are very audible and with the use of a good media player you can get this to sound great.

**Enjoy** and keep posting Band shows!

Song list:

Disc One

1. WS Walcott Med Show
2. Wheels on Fire
3. Rockin Chair
4. Strawberry Wine
5. Long Black Veil
6. Just Another Whistle Stop
7. Unfaithful Servant
8. The Weight
9. We Can Talk About It Now
10. Up On Cripple Creek
11. Shape I'm In

Disc Two

12. Time To Kill (cut)
13. All La Glory (cut)
14. King Harvest
15. Look Out Cleveland
16. The Rumor
17. Stagefright
18. Dixie Down
19. Across The Great Divide
20. Genetic Method
21. Chestfever
22. Rag Mama Rag

Lineage = Unknown. Casette?