The Who
Rochester, NY
War Memorial Auditorium

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1. Substitute
2. Pictures Of Lilly
3. Summertime Blues
4. Barbara Ann
5. Boris The Spider
6. A Quick One While He's Away
7. Happy Jack
8. I'm A Boy
9. My Generation

- Opening for Herman's Hermits
- Fair audio; has Barbara Ann


30 August 1967. The Herman's Hermits package tour co-starring The Blues Magoos and The Who rolls into Rochester in New York State to appear at the War Memorial Auditorium. Reminiscing in Ian Snowball's book, A Tribute To Keith Moon, lifelong Who fan Joe Giorgianni writes . . . "When we went to the concert at the War Memorial Auditorium, The Blues Magoos opened. I thought I remembered that one of the band members had on a jacket with flashing light panels. In later years I discovered that there were just small blinking lights on the jacket and that Pete Townshend sometime wore it.

As they were setting up for The Who a roadie came out and started nailing down the bass drums. Whoa! I also remember them bringing out a basket of drum sticks. Before the show started I believe Keith Moon was running around the stage, wearing a cape like Batman � the TV show was very popular at the time.

When The Who came on amid much girl screaming (which was also a big thing at the time), there were some things that struck me. The first was that they were using large Fender amplifiers. Also, John Entwistle was playing a white Fender bass with what seemed like a mirror finish pick guard. Also my eyes weren't good at the time but I was almost positive Pete Townshend was playing a guitar with two necks, which of course he was. . . The Who smashed their equipment at the end among smoke bombs and much mayhem. I remember liking Herman's Hermits but from then on my life had changed."

Some very wise person in the audience happened to record The Who's performance in Rochester that night. Granted, it's far from the best recording as recordings go, but it'll give you a flavour of how a Who gig was 50 years ago and contrary to the myth that The Who were a boy's group, just listen to those girl fans screaming at Roger, Pete, John and Keith.

The set list for Rochester was 'Substitute', 'Pictures of Lily', 'Summertime Blues', 'Barbara Ann', 'Boris the Spider', 'A Quick One While He's Away', 'Happy Jack', 'I'm A Boy' and 'My Generation'.