Wood & Wire Tour
Spirit Store
27 April 2017

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Taped by Kagee & Kagee Jnr
Transferred by Kagee

Set I

01 Trigger Inside
02 Our Love Must Die
03 Disgracelands
04 Tides
05 Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing
06 Evil Elvis
07 Skyward
08 Accelerator
09 If It Kills Me
10 Lonely Crying Only
11 Opal Mantra
12 Idiot Cousin
13 Gone

Set II

14 Set II Intro
15 Meat Abstract
16 Unbeliever
17 A Moment of Clarity
18 Loose
19 Diane
20 Potato Junkie
21 Stories
22 Turn
23 Still Hurts
24 Stop It You're Killing Me
25 Nowhere
26 Knives
27 Screamager
28 Die Laughing

A cracking show from Therapy? on the short Irish leg of their Wood & Wire tour.

Normally I'd have gone to Whelans to see them but as I wanted to bring my son
I opted for the Spirit Store - under 18s allowed unlike Whelans. Our second show in
as many weeks in Dundalk - we'd also seen & taped The Strypes there.

A really good career spanning set from the band - I really like the acoustic arrangements.
I'd seen Andy do a solo show a few years back so it's nice to see it expanded to a
full band setting.

This one turned out pretty good - taped from dead centre towards the back of the venue.
Only drawback is the pair of rather drunken yahoos who have a full on conversation for
part of the set. Not that intrusive but you can still hear them.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting on the Set break.

Remember to support Therapy? - go to their shows, buy their records & their merch.

Enjoy the show!