They Might Be Giants
April 27, 2000
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

Previously only out there as an AUD recording and some crappy youtube uploads. This show was streamed online back in 2000 and a friend of mine recorded it to VHS right from his computer at the time. This audio is straight from that with no alterations apart from normalizing, and removing a chunk of silence during Spin the Dial as it dropped out for a few seconds during the stream.

The same situation as the 1999 House of Blues show, except that the quality of this stream is noticeably worse. Just par for the course for turn-of-the-millennium internet quality. I don't know for sure but I suspect this Bowery stream was an .asx / windows media stream at a low bit rate, and the House of Blues stream was probably a realmedia stream, which from what I can tell was better at low bitrates, audio-wise.

You can see the full video of the stream here (you can also preview the sound this way)

2000 stream > My friend's PC > VHS (hi-fi audio) > Philips SVHS deck > Dazzle DVC100 > VirtualDub > AVI/WAV > Audacity (normalizing, tracking) > FLAC

*01-Wake Up Call.flac
*02-Four of Two.flac
*03-She's Actual Size.flac
*04-She's An Angel.flac
*05-It's Not My Birthday.flac
*06-Boss of Me.flac
*07-Chess Piece Face.flac
*09-They'll Need A Crane.flac
*10-Cyclops Rock.flac
*11-Meet James Ensor.flac
*12-Finished With Lies.flac
*13-The Guitar.flac
*14-Hide Away Folk Family.flac
*15-Hypnotist of Ladies.flac
*16-Istanbul (Not Constantinople).flac
*18-James K. Polk.flac
*19-Purple Toupee.flac
*20-eMusic Shout Out.flac
*21-Radio They Might Be Giants 1.flac
*22-We're The Replacements.flac
*23-Robot Parade.flac
*24-Velcro Horns.flac
*26-Man, It's So Loud In Here.flac
*27-Spin the Dial.flac
*29-Why Does The Sun Shine_.flac
*32-Doctor Worm.flac
*34-Exquisite Dead Guy.flac
*36-Birdhouse in Your Soul.flac