Tim O'Brien Band
47th Rockygrass Festival
Planet Bluegrass
Lyons, CO

Source: DPA 4011(DIN) > Edirol R-44[Oade Concert Mod](24/96)
Location: FOB, SROC, 45' from stage, 7.5' high
Info: SDHC>PC>Wave Lab 6.1(edits, fades, levels)>CD Wave 1.98(tracks)
Recorded by: Rob O'Brien (obrienrobert1@gmail.com)

01. Introduction
02. High Flying Bird
03. Workin'
04. Beyond
05. Three Thin Dimes
06. Diggin' My Potatoes
07. Where The River Meets The Road
08. Wind
09. Amazing Love
10. Pastures Of Plenty
11. Earl's Breakdown
12. My Love Lies In The Cold Cold Ground
13. Hold To A Dream
14. Maggie's Farm
15. Hop Down Reel / Johnny Doherty's Reel
16. Last Train From Poor Valley
17. Drunkard's Walk
18. Look Down That Lonesome Road

19. Write Your Name In The Sand

- Some level adjustments made to accomodate for wind gusts.
- Flacs tagged w/Mp3tag