Tim O'Brien Band
Red Wing Roots Fesstival
Mount Solon, Va

source:microtech gefell sms 2000(body) > mg20(card) > Oade M148
>P2(oade acm mod 24/48)
trans:cr>wavelab (fades, track, dither, resample) >TLH(fix sbes> flac>checksum)

t01 intro
t02 High Flying Bird
t03 Workin'
t04 Beyond
t05 Fiddle tune?
t06 Diggin' My Potatoes > band intros
t07 The Drunkards Walk
t08 Guardian Angel
t09 Amazing Love
t10 Wind
t11 Pastures Of Plenty
t12 Ground Speed
t13 Hold To A Dream
t14 My Love Lies In The Ground
t15 Fiddle tune??
t16 Where The River Meets The Road
t17 Last Train From Poor Valley
t18 Look Down That Lomesome Road
t19 I'll Still write Your Name In The Sand

notes: mics 8' high at sbd. lowered clapping in between songs -5db, than used zero normalize to bring rest of set up.