Tinsley Ellis
"Black Friday Blues"
City Winery, Atlanta, GA

Recorder by MrFender
A Better Than Nothing Production

CA-14 (Cards) > CA9100 Preamp > DR-22wl (24/96) > Audacity (split & down sample to 16/44) > TLH (Flac Level 6)

No other processing, fades, etc. Raw music as recorded.

Recoded from eleveated seats to the back and right of the soundboard, mics clipped to a glass and set on the bar overlooking the main floor.

Sound of a Broken Man
The Other Side
Saving Grace
Cut You Loose
To the Devil for a Dime
Gamblin' Man
Stage Banter/Band Intros
Sugaree (Hank Ballard & The Midnighters)
The Last Song
Stage Banter/Tommy Castro intro
Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
Spoonful (Willie Dixon/Howlin' Wolf)
Big Railroad Blues (Noah Lewis)

Tinsley Ellis - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin McCann - Bass
Eric Kazinsky - Drums
Tommy Castro - Guitar on Killing Floor/Spoonful/Big Railroad Blues

Notes: Final show of the east coast leg of Tommy Castro / Tinsley Ellis "T-N-T Tour". The guitar amps were turned up way too high as the vocals seem a touch distant. Talking can be heard on songs like Saving Grace as a group of people below us brought in grandma and grandpa and started to ordering food like they were at Applebees. Soon they were shouting at the waiter but they eventually go away due to the high volume level. Whenever Tinsley launches into Saving Grace I think one of these times he's going to start playing Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs. Wonder if he pays royalties?