Tinsley Ellis
"20th Flavor"
City Winery, Atlanta, GA

Recorder by MrFender
A Better Than Nothing Production

CA-14 (Cards) > CA9100 Preamp > Sony M10 (24/96) > Audacity (split & down sample to 16/44) > TLH (Flac Level 6)

No other processing, fades, etc. Raw music as recorded.

Recorded from elevated seats to the back and right of the soundboard, mics clipped to a glass and set on the table overlooking the main floor.

Ice Cream in Hell
The Next Miss Wrong
Don't Know Beans
The Next Miss Wrong
Cut You Loose
To the Devil for a Dime
A Quitter Never Wins
Slip and Fall
Foolin' Yourself
Everything and Everyone
Tinsley Talking
Double Eyed Whammy (Freddie King)
Gamblin' Man
Band Intros
The Last Song
Encore Noise
If the River Keeps Rising

Tinsley Ellis - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Kaczynski (sp?) - Drums
Trey Duke - Bass


Notes: Release show for Tinsley's 20th album "Ice Cream in Hell" album. He's on a roll with the last three of "Red Clay Soul", "Winning Hand" and the new "ICiH". Good show with quite a few of the new songs and a healthy cut of old favorites with the new ones mixing right in with the classics and as always, finishing off the night with some cool slide work on his Gibson Moderne. Sold out show and while the venue is billed as a "Listening Room" and they annouce at the start to keep talking to a minimum, people coming in during the show and ordering a 10 course meal and a case of wine leads to a lot of talking. It can be heard during the quite parts and someone noted that Tinsley, normally taper friendly, had requested that people not tape the show via Facebook so I couldn't raise the mics above where I was. With that being said, I did pull four different sources as I was in the back corner of the room out of the way and tried a bit of experimenting. This recording and one with AT853 mics into a Roland R07 came out the best. I think this one has more clarity to it, the AT853 is more "rounded" but more bass-ier as I didn't use the bass roll off on the pre-amp.


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