Todd Rundgren & Ian Hunter
The Agora, Akron
October 20, 1980 (with many extras!)

A Benefit for Presidential candidate John Anderson

High quality stereo audience recording

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1.1 Do Ya? 3:58
1.2 Black And White 4:30
1.3 Love Of The Common Man 3:29
1.4 Once Bitten Twice Shy 5:22
1.5 All The Way From Memphis 4:51
1.6 Needles And Pins 2:41
1.7 Cathy's Clown 3:16
1.8 Eight Days A Week 6:24
1.9 Black Maria 5:27
1.10 One World 3:15
1.11 Bastard 10:30
1.12 The Last Ride 6:19
1.13 All The Young Dudes 3:34

2.1 Just Another Night 5:49
2.2 Couldn't I Just Tell You 3:36
2.3 Let's Get On With It 4:06
2.4 Just One Victory 5:48
2.5 Cleveland Rocks 7:11
2.6 The Last Ride (Atlanta w/Ian Hunter 10/11/80) 5:21
2.7 Eight Days A Week (Pier 84 7/30/82) 5:49
2.8 There Goes My Inspiration (Pier 84 7/30/82) 4:24
2.9 Love Of The Common Man (Chapel Hill 4/23/83) 3:17
2.10 If I Didn't Try (Pier 84 8/24/84) 4:04
2.11 Tiny Demons (West Hartford 12/27/84) 3:17
2.12 It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (The Ritz NY 1/2/85) 3:54
2.13 Style (RCMH, NY 5/10/85) 4:13
2.14 Blue Orpheus (Charlotte 11/29/85) 4:40

Todd Rundgren and Ian Hunter playing a benefit gig for Presidential candidate John Anderson on 20th October 1980.

A high quality stereo audience recording, it alternates between lead vocals by Todd and Ian Hunter on each of their
own hits, with some covers thrown in.

A good band backs them up...the performances in standard at first, but by the time Black Maria hits, all concerned
seem to be firing on all cylinders. Ian is joined by Mick Ronson on guitar for All the Young Dudes, stating when
introducing Mick, that his assocation of the writer of the song made it appropriate. Seems a very good natured
concert - very happy audience, which is not too intrusive, thankfully, it's a very close recording, almost like
a mixing desk recording, however the spilling over of occasional chat and claps shows that it is a very good
quality indeed audience recording.

Some very good extras - I suspect that Eight Days a Week, while labelled as being from Pier 84 on 30th July 1982,
is actually from Atlanta 11th October 1980, or from around that time. This extra version of Eight Days a Week grows
in appeal as both Todd, and presumaby Ian, duet brilliantly.

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