Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (with Stevie Nicks)
Live at The Boston Garden
Boston, MA

Traded this audience recording (via 2 CDs of wav files) over a decade ago and so don’t have the information, nor do I know who I got it from. Please do not sell.

This is not a very widely circulated bootleg, as I’ve not seen this posted on db.etree or any other bootleg website. It’s another recording from the 1981 tour in support of ‘Hard Promises’ with a pretty typical set list. The sound is pretty (if not a little below) average.

If you consult other set lists from this tour - as well as the editing history of this show’s set - on, you’ll see that this show's exact set has been hard to pin down. Most likely, “Insider” was played but cut by the person recording and editing the show, as Tom even says before “Stop Draggin’” that they’d like to do another song with Stevie since she’s there, and they usually always performed those two songs in that order.
Also, “Anything That’s Rock and Roll” was typically at the end and never in the middle of the show’s set. The fact that the previous track, “Woman in Love” fades and then there’s loud applause at the start of this track, which incidentally began the second disk, makes me think that the person recording and then editing the show could have placed it here when it was really a second encore, especially since it also doesn’t transition seamlessly into the next track, “Stop Draggin’”.

In any case, this is a great show from an underrepresented tour with a brief guest appearance by honorary Heartbreaker Stevie Nicks.


1. American Girl
2. Listen to her Heart
3. A Thing About You
4. Here Comes My Girl
5. The Waiting (the end with fade out)
6. I Need to Know
7. slow R&B intro / Don’t Do Me Like That
8. Louie Louie
9. Nightwatchman
10. A Woman in Love
11. Anything That’s Rock and Roll
12. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Stevie Nicks)
13. Kings Road
14. Breakdown
15. Refugee
16. Shout
17. Good, Good Lovin’
18. Shadow of a Doubt