Tom Waits
The Main Point
Bryn Mawr - PA
WMMR Radio Broadcast

This is a recording from Tom's 1975 tour where he often performed three times a night
and used his sparetime promoting his records on various radio shows. He obviously likes
to make Radio Station ID's. The band members
on the tour were :

Tom Waits - piano, guitar, vocals
Al Cohn - tenor saxophone
Steve Gilmore - upright bass
Bill Goodwin - drums

Quality : A-/B+

Radio Broadcast.

Source: Trade CD-R

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Artwork included.

Setlist :

01. Intro
02. Diamonds On My Windshield
03. Semi Suite
04. Better Off Without A Wife
05. Eggs And Sausage
06. Ol'55
07. Interview
08. WMMR Jingle
09. Dress Rap
10. The Ghosts Of Saturday Night
11. On A Foggy Night
12. Big Joe And Phantom 309
13. (Looking For) The Heart Saturday Night

Enjoy. :-)

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