Tom Waits

PBS Soundstage
Chicago - IL

This is a show which I got in a trade some time ago. It's probably FM or soundboard sourced.
The recording has some minor flaws. But both the sound and the flow of the show are great.
I somehow feel that I notice something new every time I listen to it.:o)
It's 45 years since the show was recorded, but it still appears both fresh and pristine
with the crisp sound of the guitar, the crystal clear piano, Tom's full and rich voice,
the finger snaps, the warm sound of the sax and the discreet but yet tight bass in the
background of the soundscape.
(No, I'm not trying to sell you a used car) ;o)
But as you've probably already guessed, this has become one of my favourite Tom Waits shows.

Setlist :

01. Eggs And Sausage
02. Semi Suite
03. Diamonds On My Windshield
04. Drunk On The Moon
05. Better Off Without A Wife
06. Nighthawk Postcards
07. The Heart Of Saturday Night
08. San Diego Serenade

The Band :
Tom Waits :
Piano, Guitar, Finger Snapping and vocals
Kenny Soderblum :
Alto Sax
Jim Atlas :
Upright Bass

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