Tony Hall & Friends
June 7, 2017
New Orleans, LA @ The Maple Leaf

SBD > ??? > WAV > Cool Edit Pro (balanced channels by creating a fake stereo mix of each channel and mixing them + bass bump and normalization) > FLAC

01. Intro
02. ??? (instrumental)
03. Down By The River [Neil Young cover]
04. Come In My House [James Booker cover]
05. "Let's Jam" [?cover or new Tony Hall tune?]
06. I Get Lifted [George McCrae cover]
07. Night People [Allen Toussaint / Lee Dorsey cover]
08. Strange Relationship [Prince cover]
09. Shakey Ground [The Temptations / Eddie Hazel cover] (with Jeff McCarty on vox)
10. "A World Where No One Cares" [new Tony Hall tune]
11. Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine [James Brown cover]
12. If You Want Me To Stay [Sly & The Family Stone cover]

Tony Hall - bass, vocals, guitar
Alvin Ford Jr. - drums, vocals
Andrew Block - guitar, vocals, bass
Danny Abel - guitar
Tillis Verdin - keyboards, vocals
Khris Royal - saxophone, vocals, keyboards

Jeff McCarty - vocals (on Shakey Ground)

Notes: This is the first show ofTony's Wednesday night residency. I don't think they were rehearsed at all. That's how high caliber NOLA musicians roll though.

Halfway through Sex Machine Tony & Andrew switch bass & guitar.

Khris plays keyboards on If You Want Me To Stay.

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