Tower of Power
1986.06.24 (late show)
Bottom Line, NYC
(1st gen sbd)

The Recording:
Master: soundboard > Sony TCD-5M
Copies: master cassette > 1st gen cassette
1st gen cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A > Sony SBM-1 > HHB CDR recorder

The Players:
Emilio Castillo tenor sax & vocals
Francis "Rocco" Prestia bass
Ellis Hall lead vocals & keyboards
Mark Cranny: drums
Greg Adams brass & vocals
Lee Thornberg: brass & vocals
Steven Kupka baritone saxophone
Richard Elliot saxophones & vocals
Willie Fulton: guitar

The Set List:
01 opening instrumental
02 you got to funkify
03 there ain't nothing stopping us now
04 this time it's real
05 gonna get it with your good credit
06 drums & percussion > can't you see?
07 what is hip? > drums & percussion >
08 jam > what is hip? (reprise)
09 squibb cakes > sax solo > jam
10 squibb cakes (reprise)
11 band intros
12 you ought to be having fun > you know it
13 you're still a young man > trumpet solo > you're still a young man