Tower of Power
Stern Grove Festival
San Francisco, CA

Taper: TJ (
Taping Location: Right of Stage 15 meters back, somewhat diagonal from main speaker
Lineage: Schoeps MK4s > Babynbox > PCM-A10
Transfer: WAV > Audacity (no adjustments) > FLAC
Length: 1:26:59


1. We Came to Play
2. Soul With a Capital "S"
3. You Ought to be Havin' Fun
4. Only So Much Oil in the Ground
5. Don't Change Horses (In the Middle of the Stream)
6. Soul Vaccination
7. You're Still a Young Man
8. This Time It's Real
9. Squib Cakes
10. Diggin' on James Brown > Mother Popcorn > There It Is (James Brown medley)
11. Star Time
12. So Very Hard To Go
13. What Is Hip? / Soul Power
(Encore Break)
14. Souled Out

A fantastic day in the park for the first of the Stern Grove Festival concerts. I had the pleasure of meeting up with rigpimp and his SO and had a great time meeting and hanging out with them - hope to do it again soon! Too Short and Tower of Power were set to close out last year's Stern Grove series but the Stern Grove park got flooded a day or two before and it shut down Stern Grove for quite some time so the concert was moved to be the first of this year. Mayor Breed introduced the series today by yelling "Yay Area" which I hope she looked up the Urban Dictionary definition before choosing to say that. There was a major screw up with the lines to get in. The Sloat street entrance had a hold up and the other entrance was let in so I wasn't able to get the good spot for this show. Still, the recording came out pretty good since we were basically stack taping at that point.

Tower of Power great a great set reaching across their fifty-something years of music. They sounded great and the lead singer is absolutely incredible, jumping between vocals, trumpet, and keys. Would love to see them again sometime in the near future in a smaller venue - the horns really pack a punch! My mom came to the show and managed to get their setlist after the show which I've included.

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