Townes Van Zandt
Radio Unnameable w/ Bob Fass
20 October 1970
Sound muddy, lots of FM-noises, but the earliest recording in my Townes Van Zandt collection. Be warned: sound quality B, in some places even less.
Cover art included.

Bob Fass (born June 29, 1933) was a pioneering free-form radio personality
who for more than 40 years has provided New York area listeners to WBAI with
alternative political and cultural coverage; consistently presenting voices
passed over, or not yet discovered by the major media. Fassís Program,
Radio Unnameable, which airs Thursday evenings shortly after midnight on WBAI,
and is also available in streaming format, was a creative and influential
performance venue, beginning in the 1960s, when it aired Monday through
Friday from midnight until 5 am.

01. 4:21 No Deal
02. 5:10 Hello Central (Lightnin' Hopkins)
03. 3:23 Nothing
04. 3:23 I'll Be Here in the Morning
05. 3:03 Rake
06. 4:25 Farther Along (J.R.Baxter and W.B.Stevens)
07. 4:40 You Are Not Needed Now
08. 2:59 Only Him or Me
09. 3:40 Hobo Bill's Last Ride (Waldo O'Neal)
10. 5:17 For the Sake of the Song
11. 3:58 Who Do You Love
12. 2:39 Talk
13. 0:20 Talk
14. 2:56 Mr Mudd and Mr Gold
15. 4:48 Engine #143 (Along Comes the FFV) (Maybelle Carter)
16. 3:25 Don't Be Angry (Stonewall Jackson)
17. 3:42 To Live is to Fly
18. 3:28 St John the Gambler
19. 6:07 White Freightliner Blues


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