Trey Anastasio Band
The Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ
January 21, 2020

Source: Core Sound Binaural Mics>Core Sound Bass Roll Off Filter>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz

1st set:
01) Sometime After Sunset (6:33)
02) Cayman Review (6:23)
03) Mozambique (5:04)
04) Set Your Soul Free (7:33)
05) Love Is What We Are (3:12)
06) Magilla (3:46)
07) Everything's Right (12:57)
08) Heavy Things (3:33)
09) Undermind (7:10)
10) Burn That Bridge (5:24)
11) Gotta Jibboo (9:10)
Total: (70:45)

2nd set:
01) Acting the Devil (2:46)
02) Sand (11:28)
03) Olivia (3:39)
04) Blaze On (8:19)
05) Alive Again (8:31)
06) Brief Time (2:26)
07) Valentine (6:12)
08) Life Beyond the Dream (6:55)
09) Camel Walk (5:53)
10) About to Run (7:33)
11) Shine (6:05)
12) Rise/Come Together (5:17)
13) encore break (2:23)
14) Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2:57)
15) First Tube (7:46)
Total: (88:10)

Trey - guitar, vocals
Russ Lawton - drums
Tony Markellis - bass
Ray Paczkowski - keys
Cyro Baptista - perc
James Casey - saxes, vocals
Natalie Cressman - trombone, vocals
Jennifer Hartswick - trumpet, vocals

Lineage: Edirol RO9 USB out>Dell Inspiron 530S HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz>TLH>FLAC

-Trey returns with full band to AZ after his solo acoustic performance last year. Maybe we can get a Phish show in the Southwest next?
-The Van Buren is only 1800 capacity and is wider more than deep - big stage therefore for big band! Located in downtown. Great space to see show!
-a tight performance through and through with Trey in the gnarly funky lead zone!
-James Casey is from local area, so Trey is on him all night about it as a "graduate of Desert Vista High School" - his mom and first music teacher were
in audience supposedly.
-"Brief Time" & "Rainbow" are a cappella. Loved it all - 2nd set stretches out more for sure. Real fun seeing some old Phish tunes like "Camel Walk",
& "Heavy Things" plus some of the new Phish/TAB/Ghosts tunes too mixed in with some of the TAB classics - great mix on setlist basically.
-sound & lights were amazing - you guys rock!
-soundcheck which I heard from outside was "Sunset", "The Landlady" several times!!! & "Way I Feel"
-us 4 or 5 tapers were put on the rail to the left of soundboard. My Cores were on my mic stand and head baffle about 7' up. Real nice sound - I'm
pleased despite not having the 5 figure set up!
-another Sonoran Desert Recording taped, mastered and seeded by Matt23. For personal use only - no selling. Share freely. Do not convert into MP3 and
share - MP3 for personal use only. Keep the gene pool clean!