Trey Anastasio Band
Civic Theater
New Orleans, La

Source: MBHO ka500 (DINa, 7.5ft, at soundboard, DFC)>Naiant PFA>MixPre6 (SD Card) @ 24/48
Transfer: MP6>USB>Reaper (DSP)>CDWav (tracking)>TLH (Flac level 6)>Foobar2000 (Live Show Tagger)

Set I

01. Cayman Review
02. Party Time
03. 49 Bye-Byes
04. Alive Again
05. Sometime After Sunset
06. Burn That Bridge
07. The Landlady
08. Undermind
09. Love Is What We Are
10. Shade
11. A Case Of Ice And Snow
12. Will It Go Round In Circles
13. Push On 'Til The Day

Set II

01. Night Speaks to a Woman
02. Alaska
03. Burlap Sack and Pumps
04. About to Run
05. Last Tube
06. Rise/Come Together
07. Tuesday
08. Sultans of Swing
09. Encore: A Life Beyond The Dream
10. First Tube

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