Ghosts of the Forest @ Palace Theatre Albany, NY 4.9.19

Source: Chopped Sennheiser ME64>Custom K6 Box>Sound Devices MixPre3
90*20cm Front Center Loge @ 24-44.1

Transfer: SDHC>Soundforge 10 (Normalize and 16bit conversion)>
CD Wave>flac level 5>TLH

Recorded By Greg Nash

Piano intro
Ghosts of the Forest
Drift While You�re Sleeping
Sightless Escape
Halfway Home
If Again
In Long Lines
There�s a Path Above
About to Run
The Green Truth
Beneath a Sea of Stars Parts 1 & 2
Mint Siren Dream
Stumble Into Flight
Ruby Waves
Shadows Thrown By Fire
A Light Beyond The Dream
In This Bubble
Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 3 (blue)
Brief Time
Band intros
Pieces in the Machine

Trey Anastasio - guitar, vocals
Jon Fishman - drums
Jennifer Hartswick - vocals
Celisse Henderson - vocals
Tony Markellis - bass
Ray Paczkowski - keys

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