Ghosts of the Forest
The United Palace Theater
New York, NY

Mics were clamped to the rail dfc row A balcony

Source: Schoeps mk22 (~60degrees @ 31cm)>nbob actives>Naiant PFAs>Sonosax SX-R4+
Transfer: Sandisk 128gb 95mb/s sdxc card>MacBook Pro>Audacity(tracking,amplify,fades)>Sony Soundforge Convrt(resample(izotope,highest settings)/dither(mbit+/ultra, high dither)to 16 bit/44.1k)>XAct(FLAC 8,ffp,fix sbe)

Recorded and transferred by Andy Murray

01. Intro
02. Ghosts of the Forest
03. Drift While You�re Sleeping
04. Friend
05. Sightless Escape
06. Halfway Home
07. If Again
08. In Long Lines
09. There�s a Path Above
10. About to Run
11. The Green Truth
12. Beneath a Sea of Stars (Parts 1 & 2)
13. Mint Siren Dream
14. Stumble Into Flight
15. Ruby Waves
16. Shadows Thrown by Fire
17. Wider
18. A Life Beyond the Dream
19. In This Bubble
20. Beneath a Sea of Stars (Part 3)
21. Brief Time
22. band intros
23. Pieces in the Machine