DJ convention
Steam Powered Preservation Society
Tut Taylor Reel #20

(side 1 is DJ 1965)

Side 2:
23. Dusty Miller
24. Sitting Alone In The Moonlight
25. Uncle Pen+
26. -chatter-
27. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
28. Old Joe Clark
29. Golden Slippers
30. Sitting On Top Of The World
31. When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall
32. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling
33. In The Pines
34. Wheel Hoss
35. Roanoke
36. I Know You're Married
37. ?
38. A Vision Of Mother
39. Panhandle Country

lead vocals:
* Jimmy Martin
+ Bill Monroe
^ Roland White

a stereo quarter track 7.5 inch per second tape

The reel was played on a Revox A77 (7.5 inches per second, 7.5 ips NAB
de-emphasis curve) that was modified such that the entire playback
signal path was replaced with a 2003 era custom tape head preamp having all metal
film resistors, polypropelene coupling capacitors, and low ESR electrolytic
supply bypass capacitors. The playback signal was digitized with a Mytek
Digital 8X96 ADC into a 24 bit, 48kHz sound file. This sound file was rendered down
to a 16 bit soundfile with Waves L2 ultramaximizer (Type 1 Ultra noise shaping). Noise
reduction and equalization have been applied.

* The spps is a non-profit dedicated to preserving historic tapes
* Without public support, this project could not exist.
* These tapes must never be sold and may only be traded for free
* with no money ever exchanging hands!
* Please consider helping the cause in a real way
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