Tut Taylor Archive Reel #81

Tut Taylor
�Dobrolic Plectral Society� LP Session Jams
Unknown Location - Nashville, TN
Circa 1975-1976

1. Griffith Mandolin Society (tape slows somewhat at end)
2. (x)�Unknown Waltz (x)�
3. Ruff �n� Ready
4. Tennessee Traveler
5. Abe Brown�s Tune
6. Tribute To Oswald�
7. (Silent gap)�(Speeded up snippet)�(brief banjo)
8. Shuckin� The Corn (left track only)�
9. Unknown Guitar Jam (rather garbled)(left track only)(x)

Likely Personnel:
Tut Taylor � Dobro, mandolin
Norman Blake � guitar, mandolin
Vassar Clements � fiddle
Butch Robins � banjo
Curtis Burch � Dobro, guitar
Charlie Collins � guitar
Sam Bush � mandolin

Mitch�s notes: Tut Taylor Archive Reel #81 appears to be circa 1975-1976 recording of jams in preparation for Tut�s Takoma Records �Dobrolic Plectral Society� LP. The personnel are likely as noted above. Interestingly, while Vassar Clements is heard here on fiddle, he did not appear on the released LP. See Tut Reels #85, #170, #192 for more of these sessions.

7.5 ips half track and 3.75 ips mono
Studer a810 > korg mr1000 @24/48