Artist: Twisted Sister
City: Aberdeen, NJ
Venue: Fountain Casino
Date: July 03, 1983
Source: �It's only Rock 'n' Roll....but we like it� (original silvers)

Original silver discs => EAC (log file included) => WAV => FLAC (by TLH, level 8)
FLAC files, checksums and fingerprints created with TLH

This is the 2nd CD from those silvers. The Rochester portion is already up here, so here�s the rest. I did not compare this radio broadcast to the AUD recording from that show so I just hope that date and venue which are stated on the silvers are both correct !

Enjoy !


01) The kids are back
02) You can't stop Rock 'n' Roll
03) We're gonna make it
04) - Dee rant -
05) It�s only Rock �n� Roll (but I like it)