"The Lost Broadcasts - Volume One"

Tour : Boy Tour
Date : October 14, 1980 (PARTIAL) & May 11th, 1981 (COMPLETE)
Location : Hilversum, Holland & Denver, CO
Lineage: Silver CD by REV Records (CDPRO-1) > .WAV via xACT > FLAC via xACT
Source : Broadcast FM

Track listing (1:14:46):
1. Touch
2. An Cat Dubh
3. Into The Heart
4. A Day Without Me
5. Twilight
6. The Electric Co
7. Stories For Boys
8. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
9. The Ocean
10. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
11. I Will Follow
12. I Fall Down
13. An Cat Dubh
14. Into The Heart
15. Touch
16. Another Time Another Place
17. The Electric Co
18. Things To Make And Do
19. Stories For Boys
20. Boy-girl
21. Out Of Control

1-8 : Hilversum, Holland - October 14th, 1980
9-21 : Denver, Colorado - May 11th, 1981

Here's one I've had for many years. It looks like the complete show from Hilversum is around under the title 'Touch". This silver pressed release, though it is missing 3 songs from the Hilversum show, makes up for it by including the COMPLETE show FM broadcast from Denver on May 11, 1981. Thus, I've listed it primarily under the Denver date even though it is the Hilversum tracks that are first on the disc.

I own the silver pressing of this and the FLAC is directly from that via WAV through xACT.

Enjoy but do not sell!