<Body Text="#000000" Bgcolor="#Aaaaaa">Ub 40 - Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall - 13-05-2008 <Br> <Br>Recorded With Sony Minidisc R701 And Sony Microphone Ecm 717 <Br> <Br>Recorded From The Third Row Of The Second Section <Br> <Br>The First Three Numbers There Was A Little Noisy Audience, But They Went To Other Places ( I Was Sooo Happy ) <Br> <Br>After The Concert In Paradiso 2 Nights Before .... This Was The Second Concert With The New Singer <Br>( Duncan Campbell , Brother Of Ali And Robin ) <Br> <Br>Dunan's Voice Is Verry Much Like Ali's . So They Swing Like Always. <Br> <Br> <Br>This Is The Complete Concert.....I Hope You All Will Enjoy !! <Br> <Br>Here Is The Playlist !!!....Have Fun !!! <Br> <Br> <Br> Disc 1. <Br> <Br>1. Intro <Br>2. Food For Thought <Br>3. Stick By Me <Br>4. Maybe Tomorrow <Br>5. Wear You To The Ball <Br>6. Bring Me Your Cup <Br>7. End Of War <Br>8. I'll Be There <Br>9. Cherry Oh Baby <Br>10. Tears From My Eyes <Br>11. Sweet Sensation <Br>12. Groovin' ### <Br>13. Many Rivers To Cross ### <Br>14. Dance Until The Morning Light ### <Br>15. I Shot The Sheriff ### <Br>16. Kingston Town <Br> <Br> <Br> Disc 2. <Br> <Br>1. Reggae Music <Br>2. Baby <Br>3. Rat In The Kitchen <Br>4. Johnny Too Bad <Br>5. Red Red Wine <Br>6. Here I Am <Br>7. ( I Can't Help ) Falling In Love With You <Br>8. Guilty ( Of Loving You ) <Br>9. Rainbow Nation <Br>10. Sing Our Own Song