Keep it low Festival
Kranhalle, Muenchen, Bavaria, Germany
October - 19 - 2013

from SEETHEFUZZ7 collection # 062

Rec. Info:
AIWA CM30 Mic -> Olympus LS11 (at WAV 16/44) -> We Transfer-> my HD -> Audacity (edit, volume balance + boost only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Due to the massive crowed venue and the almost impossible hurry to change between the three locations at KEEP IT LOW, dear SEETHEFUZZ7 didn't have the usual superb taping position.
This show has a few chatters here and there, but when it gets LOUD (that's far often), it sounds pretty fine. As this was one of the headliners/closing bands there, I'm still wondering,
why the sound gets rather muddy by the end of the show. The last track sounds exactly like the weather outside now: THICK FOG. Anyway, all thanks to the great taper for standing this
massive attack on body and mind...

...and so it was. Here's another show from KEEP IT LOW, and I think not merely often is the name of the band so close to their sound: A stampede of mammoths from outer space!
This italian trio was founded way back in 1999, and have been regarded since as one of the founding bands of modern hevy stonerpsychdoom. Did I tell you that this is superheavy?
Overfuzzed bass, weird guitars and thunderous drumming make a show of UFOMAMMUT not only a show but also a physical experience. In sharp contrast to the sweet cherries from their
aera, Piermont, there's something different to discover! So, instead of downing a few "Mon Cherie" chocolate pralinees, you might take a deep sip of your favourite, as soon all hell
breaks loose for you...SB.

FULL SHOW (87:20 min.)

01. Intro theme (3:18)
02. Superjunkhead -> (6:56)
03. Mars -> (5:19)
04. Oroborus -> (6:57)
05. Stigma -> (7:26)
06. Hopscotch (3:21)
07. Zerosette (5:08)
08. Sublime (6:34)
09. ... (8:29)
10. III (4:18)
11. Sulphurdew (11:57)
12. Stardog (7:33)
13. God (10:00)

* need help with track title # 09. If you can help...


Support the band, go to their shows, buy all their merchandise!
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy blog/tracker use. Flac rules!
If you sell...cough to death on rotten cherries!

UFOMAMMUT since time was...

POIA - Gibson SG, synths, voice
URLO - Rickenbaker bass, synths, voice
VITA - batterie

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