Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle, England
May 4, 1978

John Wetton - Bass/Vocals
Eddie Jobson - Keyboards/Violin/Vocals
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Bill Bruford - Drums

01 Alaska 2:52
02 Time To Kill 7:36
03 Thirty Years 8:49
04 The Only Thing She Needs 9:02
05 Carrying No Cross 11:27
06 In The Dead Of Night 5:57
07 By The Light Of Day 5:41
08 Presto Vivace & Reprise 3:24
09 Forever Until Sunday 5:14
10 The Sahara of Snow 11:18
Total Time: 71:20 (1:11:20)

1. Correct channel imbalance
2. Re-balance frequencies / EQ
3. Correct phase error and center soundfield
4. Correct substantial speed and pitch error
5. Repair many clicks and mic bumps
6. Re-track

Recording is mono once phase correction was completed.
Cut at the beginning of The Only Thing She Needs.
Sounds like John Wetton forgets the words to Carrying No Cross.
The Only Thing She Needs has unusual improv.
Cut at the beginning of Forever Until Sunday.
Caesar's Palace Blues is announced at end as the encore but was not taped.

Here it is, the earliest recording of UK that I am aware of. Reliable tour itineraries for UK are hard to
come by, but this appears to be about their fifth performance ever. If you know of any earlier recordings,
please upload them! If you have a better version of this show, please upload that one too!

I obtained this recording many years ago back when we traded via trees and the like. This was even before
SHN and FLAC formatting was available. In a tree, one got an audio CD in the mail, made three copies, and
mailed them out. This process tended to produce errors that got propagated down the line. I do not know
what generation my copy is.

This does appear to be the Newcastle show, as John expresses his thanks to Newcastle (and something else I
can't make out) just before the band introductions at the end. Even if he did not say anything, the set
list confirms that this was one of the early shows, as the first UK British tour had a set list that varied
from later shows. Here we have a complete ITDON, instead of the truncated version on the US tour. We also
have both Forever Until Sunday and The Sahara Of Snow. During the US tour they did one of those numbers each
night, alternating from show to show. Sadly, the tape ran out just after JW introduced Caesar's Palace Blues.

My copy of this show was a mess. It ran very s-l-o-w-l-y. John sounded like he was playing AND singing
bass! It also had other issues. It sounded like it was recorded in a tin can and there were lots of sound
bumps and the like. Luckily, I know the RMCH guy and he graciously agreed to see what he could do with it.
I think he improved the sound greatly, and it is now listenable. It still isn't great in terms of quality,
but there is only so much one can do given the source material!

One note about TOTSN. RMCH's notes say that there was an improv section in this song. I believe he is
correct, as I think this song was still being developed at this time. Holdsworth and Bruford were committed
improvisers, and I suspect that whole middle section was developed through improvisation that gradually became
more structured with time.