UK radio blues sessions 1989-90

Recorded live in FM mono. 2nd gen tape.

Mick Clarke Band (BBC GLR Radio 5 May 1990)
Lookin' for trouble
Guitar boogie

Phil Guy (BBC GLR Radio, No date)
Once was a gambler
Big boss man

Kevin Brown (BBC GLR, 18 March 1989)
Joe Louis
Lancashire blood on a Texas floor
Standing at the crossroads

Boze Brothers (Paul Jones Show, BBC Radio 2, 15 March 1990)
Big road
Love in vain
Death letter

Bob Brosman (Paul Jones Show, BBC Radio 2, 8 March 1990)
Highway 49
Phonograph blues
In the jailhouse nows

Blodwyn Pig (Paul Jones Show, Radio 2, Dec 1990)
Watch your step
I wonder who