UK radio blues sessions, 1993-94, FM mono.

A selection of blues sessions from British and US artists on UK radio from 1993-94. Like the previous similar posts, quality is a bit variable because FM reception where I lived at the time was not very good. So these are all recorded in mono but are still very listenable.

Track list:

William Clark (Paul Jones Show, BBC Radio 2, 13 Jan 1994)
Make up your mind
Looking to the future
I know you're fine

Charles Brown (Paul Jones Show, BBC Radio 2, 19 August & 2 Sept 1993)
Save your love for me
Seven long days

Snooky Pryor (Paul Jones Show, BBC Radio 2, 15 July 1993)
My baby been gone
Going to Arkansas

Magic Slim & The Teardrops (Andy Kershaw Show, BBC Radio 1, 19 June 1993)
It's alright
Born in Missouri
Let it be me

Catfish Keith (Jazz FM, 28 March 1993)
I got a pepper in my shoe

Five Blind Boys From Alabama (Mary Costello Show, Greater London Radio, 23 May 1993)
Hope I join the band
Deep river
Brother Moses
Interview with Clarence Fountain

These are from 2nd generation tapes into Magix ACL where FLAC files were created