U Srinivas and U Rajesh.
Carnatic Mandolin players extraordinaire
Stage 3: Saturday 7th March 2009
No set list.
Track one is an introduction, there is some noise from me moving ( I had on a garment that was rather prone to rustle as the show was at time VERY quiet , the slightest noise was audible.
This has largely been cleaned up and was only noticeable for about 20 seconds out of 50 odd minutes.
I left before the end of the show as I had to meet someone, missed about 8 minutes of set time.
The set is wonderful. Some incredibly poignant and moving soloing by this much missed master musician and a team of gifted players.

Recording info.
Stealth mode front of stage 5 metres out .
Coresound Binaurals> Zoom H2> mac hd> soundtrack pro edit > remixed form original file 2016 using adobe audition spectral tools