Mary D'angelo Performing Arts Center
Mercyhurst College
Erie, Pa. USA
November 4 2010
Master Audience recording by ZZZZ
Sample mp3 in comments section

Members are -
Dave Suich
Peter Brooke Turner
Hester Goodman
George Hinchliffe
Richie Williams
Kitty Lux
Will Grove-White
Jonty Bankes

Ukukeles playing cover songs of well known rock songs, etc., very funny, listen to mp3 sample before you download for a sample of what they sound like.
They are only playing 3 shows in the USA now and here is one of them.

Lineage: ZOOM h2 recorder master > harman kardon burner cdr tracks > tlh flac level 8 > tlh checksum > tlh torrent > you
any help with setlist would be appreciated


Disc One:

01. unknown
02. Born To Be Wild
03. unknown
04. unknown
05. I Wanna Be Anarchy
06. unknown
07. unknown
08. unknown
09. this sounds very familair but I cannot put a name on it
10. How The West Was Won
11. Rock Around The Clock
12. unknown
13. unknown
14. Should I Come Or Should I Go
15. unknown
16. unknown
17. Sunshine Of Your Love medley / Orange Blossom Special / ukulele solo

Total: 79:27

Disc Two:

01. God Gave Rock n Roll To Ya
02. Theme From Shaft
03. Smells Like Teen Spirit
04. Speaking to audience
05. Medley: Fly Me To The Moon / Love Story / Killing Me Softly / Hotel California / I Will Survive
06. Freak Out

Total: 30:33