Mind Flowers
Live at the Unicorn Coffee House
Boston, MA, July 1967

Lineage: fist generation tape TDK CDing2 > Steinberg > no correction > Carbon CDR > flac > you

This is an ultra rare recording of the Ultmate Spinach in a fantastic clear sound-quality. A must-have, if you like the Bosstown-Sound. It's the perfect performance of the leaders of the Bosstown-Sound, which makes this concert to an unforetable listening. They play in front of a handfull audience and this makes a very familiar athmosphere.
Enjoy and remember: Music is the food of thought, like Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs replied.

01. Hey Joe (4:14)
02. Get Together (4:11)
03. I Don't Know You (3:48)
04. Funny Freak Parade / Don't Let These Years Go By (6:07)
05. Don't Cry For Me (3:51)
06. Follow Me (4:37)
07. Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess (6:19)
08. Mind Flowers (12:46)

Soundquality: A+
Time: 45:57
Medium CDR
Covers: on board (PNG lossless)

Ian Bruce Douglas: vocal, electric piano, 12-string guitar
Barbara Hudson: vocals, electric guiar, kazoo
Keith Latheinen: vocal, drums
Richard Nese: bass
Geoffrey Winthorp: vocal, lead guitar, sitar, electric sitar

For anyone who is hiding recordings deep in their basement, why not share the wealth? What good is a recording if you are the only person who can enjoy it? Why not share it and let hundreds of other people hum along with you?!
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