Umphrey's McGee
The Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Ga.

Source: AKG c480b/ck63 (din, dfc, fob, 8')>V3 (16/48)>da-p1
Transfer: DA20mkII>datport>hd>wavelab 6.10 [Crystal Resampler (downsample)]>CDWav (splits)>FLACFrontend level 6>foobar2000 (tagging)
taped and transferred by John Barren
A Team Dirty South Recording
Home Team

Set 1
01. JaJunk>
02. Resolution>~
03. Hurt Bird Bath
04. banter
05. Push the Pig
06. Utopian Fir>
07. August@>
08. 40's Theme

Set 2

Pipeline (missing)
01. Prowler>
02. The Fuzz#
03. Sociable Jimmy>
04. Sweetness>
05. Dr. Feelgood>
06. Ringo
07. YYZ
08. All In Time
encore break*
09. banter
10. Smell the Mitten>
11. Syncopated Strangers
12. house music

~ w/ Jamie Janover
@ w/ Jake on stylophone
# w/ Gary Paulo on saxophone

missing Pipeline first song of second set

Before the second set, Joel took the stage as a Chicago police officer to arrest the band; the whole band was dressed as Chicago cops for the second set, aviator sunglasses and all.

* The bulk of the encore break was deleted, then the beginning and end crossfaded. No banter or music was deleted.