Umphrey's McGee
Bill Graham Civic Center
San Fransisco, CA

Source: Digital Audience: Recorded by Rob R
3 Nak CM 300's - All X-Y, with 2 CP4's (guns) and one CP3 (super Omni)
direct to dat using a Tascam Porta 1 mixing board / mic preamp.

Originally torrented 02/14/05 at

d1t01 San Fran, Nemo
d1t02 Push the Pig
d1t03 The Bottom Half
d1t04 Glory
d1t05 Women Wine and Song
d1t06 Bridgeless
d1t07 In the Kitchen
d1t08 Partyin' Peeps > jam * >
d1t09 Franklin's Tower *

Umphrey's opened for Phil Lesh and Friends
* with Phil Lesh on bass replacing Ryan

e8fe3636606bb56ff089f2f41500094a *um05-02-12D1T01.shn
95e5331f9f2dad3833f466d5ce74efff *um05-02-12D1T02.shn
45d8a0f08f8c3783eb3c19bb041e20ff *um05-02-12D1T03.shn
024eaa55ef8cf3376e7676342067bfee *um05-02-12D1T04.shn
df4df21cc9fe3dca6a7c7b1ae85cac70 *um05-02-12D1T05.shn
eac84e4e51c8948ddf3371cc29ec2385 *um05-02-12D1T06.shn
8da04624c6778345c02020b86363bb58 *um05-02-12D1T07.shn
2ee36643bc1134ce80e12e29e1173d2a *um05-02-12D1T08.shn
47e234af7d47f59d5e4fb5650a42413e *um05-02-12D1T09.shn