Umprhey's Mcgee
October 1, 2005
Barrymore Theater
Madison, WI

Source: AKG 481 > SD722 @24/96
Transfer: SD722 > Firewire > Adobe Audition 1.5 (Dither, Resample) > Flac

Taped by: Brian Carter

Disc 1

Set One
Plunger >
#5 >
The Bottom Half
Divisions >
Sweetness > Bridgeless jam >
Groove Holmes
40's Theme >
The Triple Wide**

Disc 2

Set Two
In Violation of Yes
Higgins >
Much Obliged >
"Jimmy Stewart"^
Atmosfarag >
Hurt Bird Bath^^
Great American

Disc 3
Encore: The Song Remains the Same

Talkin' Shoes opened
* with Kimble teases
** with Ocean Billy teases
^ with Davenport taking over for Kris on drums and Greg Rzab replacing Ryan on bass
^^ with Ray White on vocals, similar to the previous two nights; with Star Wars theme jam