Umphreys McGee
Grand Sierra Theatre
Reno, NV

Source: AKG ck63>480b > Bumblebee MiAGi II's > Marantz PMD 671 (OadeACM)
Transfer: Transfer: USB > SF 6.0 Dither > CDwave track splits > flac

Set One

d101 Bridgeless >
d102 Wife Soup
d103 Miss Tinkle's Overture
d104 Got Your Milk (Right Here)
d105 Morning Song
d106 Slacker

Set Two

d201 The Bottom Half -> Glory -> The Bottom Half
d202 Women Wine and Song^
d203 #Intentions Clear > Bridgeless
d204 Power to Love^^
d301 Roulette
d302 JaJunk > ##Orfeo > Heard It through the Grapevine > JaJunk*

d303 Encore Fool In the Rain$

Notes Tea Leaf Green opened
^ with Josh Scott (Frame of Mind) on harmonica
# with Rain Song intro
^^ with Josh Clark and Tevor Garrod (Teal Leaf Green) on guitar and keys, respectively
## with Out of Order tease
* with Soul Food II jam
$ with Josh Clark

um 2007-02-18d204.flac:083e83977c10990c22bd827f393ef77d
um 2007-02-18d301.flac:e0732e76e33c558154b53987f116ca85
um 2007-02-18d302.flac:5e4a6efee32d19651af98cd2f4ad2ed6
um 2007-02-18d303.flac:9e6baa8f610343fe042273498a6b6f82
um 2007-02-18d101.flac:f80b23fa8176c21e32c2419e88f30593
um 2007-02-18d102.flac:16ecad966681f4889f3cf42f83ef2e0a
um 2007-02-18d103.flac:8d0d4b37fe5cdeb7b6a2e2780ede95cc
um 2007-02-18d104.flac:ec647523948efc042727c74c66a9e70c
um 2007-02-18d105.flac:0902a7beb01a842ecb46054b82b3f992
um 2007-02-18d106.flac:33f0a26006165647a0df06cbe6ec3698
um 2007-02-18d201.flac:f4b5046e64297816d1b48661b5dff214
um 2007-02-18d202.flac:1ee8d71745d0efae18ede28c144e2f34
um 2007-02-18d203.flac:4360b0c5ca20aec02d2d05a155351781