Umphrey's McGee
May 2nd, 2007
Workplay Soundstage
Birmingham, AL

Schoeps CMC6/MK4>van den Hul Mic XLRs>Oade ACM Marantz PMD660
DIN, 6' ROC, 9' High, ~25 ft. from stage

Thanks to Chris Shepherd for loaning me the van den Huls!

Thanks to Jon McLennand for the ticket and to Kevin Browning for caressing the sound!

Set One
Disc One
1. Get in the Van
2. 2nd Self
3. Atmosfarag>
4. Nemo>
5. Eat>
6. Nemo
7. Eat
8. Uncommon>
9. Phil's Farm

Set Two
Disc Two
1. Higgins
2. I Ran
3. Ringo>
4. Jimmy Stewart>^
5. Ringo

Disc Three
1. Intentions Clear>
2. Jimmy Stewart*
3. Mulche's Odyssey
4. Immigrant Song
5. 40's Theme

Notes ^ with Brendan and Jake on percussion
* with lyrics