Umphrey's McGee
August 18, 2007
The Music Center(Deer Creek)
Noblesville, IN
Opening for Dave Matthews Band

Taper: Rockinman (
Location: Sec C Row N (13th row,Left Stack), XY config., stand @ approx. 11 ft.
Source: SPC4 mics> UA5 preamp> Nomad JB3(Optical In)
Transfer: JB3->USB->PC
Processing: Normalizing (to -0.1db) and Waves L3 Volume Maximizer applied using SoundForge 8.0.
Conversion: CD Wave Editor for track splitting and Flac16 Conversion @ level 5

Disc 1

01. Intro (Dave Matthews'Introduction)
02. Partyin Peeps
03. Hajimeshite--->
04. Plunger
05. Immigrant Song #
06. Nemo
07. Bridgeless

# Led Zeppelin cover

Thanks to Jeff for help in splitting the tracks for this show.

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on September 3, 2007