Umphrey's McGee
The Orange Peel
Asheville, NC

Source: BSC1->K4->HD-P2 busman modded (24/48)
Transfer: Sony Soundforge (16/44.1)->flac level 6
Taped & Transferred by: Poppag76

Disk 1
01) Mantis
02) Push the Pig
03) Liquid->
04) The Bottom Half
05) Blue Echo->
06) Rocker pt II
07) Come Closer

Disk 2
01) Hurt Bird Bath
02) Intentions Clear->
03) Smell the Mitten

Disk 3
01) Resolution->
02) Utopian Fir->
03) Mantis
04) encore break
05) Senor Mouse

Recording and Transfer notes:
Set I, the right channel cable was loose and the volume was increased on the right channel. There was about a 7 decible difference during recording. Set II, the right channel cable was replaced and volume was recorded at normal levels.
During the transfer Set I had an 8 db increase, Set II had a 4 db increase.