Umphrey's McGee
TPAC War Memorial Auditorium
Nashville, Tenn.

Avantone CK-1 (cardoid) > Fostex FR-2LE (24/48)
FOB/~left of DFC; mics at ~8' high; ~60' feet from stage
CF > HDD > Wavelab 6 > CD WAVE > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper

Taped, Transferred & Seeded by: MSTaper
*** A Team Dirty South Recording ***

Set One:

01 intro
02 Words >
03 Got Your Milk (Right Here)
04 Robot World * >
05 Uncommon >
06 Partyin' Peeps ^
07 Hurt Bird Bath **
08 Mullet (Over)
09 1348

* with Tribute to the Spinal Shaft teases
^ with Keller Williams on guitar and vocals
** "Black Sabbath" tease

Running Time: 1:12:54

Set Two:

01 Spires
02 Padgett's Profile
03 The Bottom Half
04 Nothing Too Fancy $
05 Can't You See *
06 Sociable Jimmy > "Jimmy Stewart" # > Sociable Jimmy
07 The Floor
08 encore break
09 Reelin' in the Years ^

Running Time: 1:21:30

$ with Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love teases
# with lyrics
* Marshall Tucker Band
^ Steely Dan

** Setlist courtesy of **

This was my first time to see/tape Umphrey's.
I enjoyed the show and the venue was nice and intimate. Not the best sounding room but I like smaller rooms like the War Memorial Auditorium.
I used various sources to make the setlist, first using a blurry photo of the actual setlist, then a setlist provided by a friend via the band's light tech. By the time I was about finished, the setlist appeared on, so that's what I went by.
Despite some talkative folks FOB, I can't detect anyone on the recording except the band and the audience singing at the end of "Can't You See."
I really enjoyed the band's choice of covers!
Thanks to Jon McLennand and the band for the taper ticket and photo pass.



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