Umphrys McGee Thu, Mar 17th, 2011 House of Blues West Hollywood, California Set One 1-Nothing Too Fancy > 2-In the Kitchen 3- #5 4-Much Obliged 5-The Floor 6-Sociable Jimmy >Nothing Too Fancy Set Two 1-Ringo > 2-Eminence Front > 3-Ringo^ 4-Wappy Sprayberry 5-The Bottom Half > 6-Slacker 7-Miss Tinkle's Overture Encore 8-Glory > 9-Regulate* Notes Big Gigantic opened ^ with Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) on saxophone * for Nate Dogg; with Keep Forgettin' (Michael McDonald) jam Source Info: Neumann U-89i's (Hyper Setting)-V3-DR-680 Directly in Front of Board 10 ft off center due to request from lighting guy. 45 Back from Stage. Sold out St Pat's show. Wild Audience especially during the 1st set when a large group of partier's planted themselves directly in front of my stand. Recorded, Mastered, and Posted By Pat Myers DATPAT For Live Multitrack or ambient recordings Contact Mobiltracks.