Umphrey's McGee
October 31st, 2012
The Fillmore
Silver Spring, MD

Source: AKG C460Bs/CK 63-ULS (DINa-ish, OTS, ROC, On stand ~11')->Kind Kables->Naiant LittleBox->Segue Dogstar Silver-Clad Interconnect->Edirol R-09HR (24 bit/48 kHz)
Transfer: SDHC -> PC
Processing: Fade in, fade out, dithered to 16 bit, resampled to 44.1 kHz & tracking using SoundForge 9.0.
Conversion: FLAC frontend 1.7.1 used to align on sector boundaries and for Flac16 Conversion @ level 8
Tagging: Band name, Venue and Song Title in Foobar2000
Recorded by: Timothy Brown (


Set I
01. Crowd
02. Gurgle ->
03. Puppet String
04. Plunger
05. Deeper ->
06. Preamble ->
07. Mantis
08. Domino Theory
09. Glory ->
10. The Floor

Set II
11. Crowd/Red Cross
12. Help On the Way ->
13. Slipknot! ->
14. Jessica
15. Girlfriend is Better ->
16. Fool In The Rain ->
17. Halloween Theme ->
18. Fool In The Rain
19. Forty Six & 2
20. Roundabout
21. Money For Nothing
22. Another Brick in the Wall/Thriller
23. Encore Break
24. Ophelia ->
25. Miss Tinkle's Overture

The theme for this show was "All Night Wrong". Fans voted on the cover songs that the band would play for the second set.
This show was originally scheduled to be live broadcast on AXS TV. The broadcast was cancelled, likely a result of complications from Super Storm Sandy. The band decided to webcast the show on their own with a "pay what you want" suggested donation to the Red Cross. At set break the band announced that about $4500 had been raised.
For the first set the band played with masks ("The Mostly Dead Ex Presidents, A Vice President, and a First Lady"). Brendan was Bill Clinton, Jake was Ronald Reagan, Joel was Dick Cheney, Kris was Richard Nixon, Andy was Barack Obama, and Ryan was Hillary Clinton.
For the second set the band all wore FEMA hats.

Thanks to Jon M. for everything he does!
Shout outs to Jim, Joe, Sam & Mark. Nice sharing the section with you.
Shout outs to Phil, Kraz, Marc & Dave. Great seeing you guys!
Shout outs to Jeff, Josh, Dan, Eric & Danny. I wish you could have been here with me for this night. It wasn't the same without you.

Brendan Bayliss, guitar & vocals
Jake Cinninger, guitar & vocals
Joel Cummins, keyboards & vocals
Andy Farag, percussion
Kris Myers, drums & vocals
Ryan Stasik, bass & no vocals

A 24 bit/48 kHz version exists.

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