Umphrey's McGee
2014.03.07 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR

Source: Zoom H2 rear 120� stereo mics.
Location: FOB/DFC, approx. 20 feet from the stage, 6' high

Taped, tracked, and tagged by penn42

Set I

1. //Le Blitz*
2. Bright Lights, Big City
3. Much Obliged
4. White Pickle
5. No Diablo
6. Dump City
7. The Linear
8. Miss Tinkle's Overture

Set II

9. Plunger
10. Hajimemashite
11. Plunger
12. Ringo
13. Prowler
14. 1348
15. Rock The Casbah
16. Drums > Bands Intros
17. Puppet String


18. Pay The Snucka

*Missing first few seconds of music and contains several level adjustments


- This is officially the second audience recording I've made. I was motivated to tape this Umphrey's show because the last show they played at the Crystal Ballroom was killer and never had an audience source circulate, so I brought what gear I had to document the night.

- A few times during the loudest parts of the concert you can hear what sounds like a little distortion. I wasn't clipping, so I can only assume since I do not have a shock-absorbing mic stand the rumble of the floor was able to climb up the stand and leave some artifacts in the recording.

- Crowd chatter is minimal for the location. The Crystal Ballroom's stage is in the corner of the rectangular venue with the beer garden splitting the room in half creating a couple of haphazard right triangles. Because of this I was able to position the device so nobody was around it for a whole half circle where the walkway between the beer garden and all age age sections was.

- Enjoy!