Umphrey's McGee Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN June 11, 2017.
They actually played a late night set the night before on Sat June 10 in place of Shpongle who couldn't make it due to Visa issues but I missed that. The other noticeable issue is, that although I've not found another recording of them of the show I made, all set-lists found have them playing 8 songs where I have them down as 10. I split songs where I thought there were changes enough to be different songs. Unfortunately, I don't know this band very well. If someone wants to make corrections, please feel free to do so.

Lineage: Audience recording from center handicap bleachers. Using Tascam iM2 condensor mics made for iPhone 4. I used an Apple 30 pin to lightening connection adapter and set my iPhone 6S+ upside down in my t-shirt pocket- mic limiter was turned off. Software was with the TW Recorder at 16bit/44100hz. Once this created a long WAV file, I uploaded the file to my laptop computer back at camp, and then used CoolEdit2000 to normalize levels between left and right channels, increase volume to 0dB so that there was no added distortion and split the long WAV file into what I though were individual songs. After this, I used Flacfrontend to create Flac Files and Trader's Little Helper for fingerprint and creation of the torrent.

Athough this is an audience recording, for a stealthy operation, I think things went well...I would have displayed a mic stand and used something else but Live Nation has been pretty harsh with tapers since mid-Bonnaroo last year.

Any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email: David Emanuel (Knoxville, TN)

Song list is not really known and all fits on one CD: