Umphrey's McGee
Atlanta Motor Speedway
Hampton, Georgia

Source: Schoeps CCM4V'S>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 175' From Stage, 6 1/2' High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man
A Team Dirty South Recording

Disc I 1st Set

01 Le Blitz >
02 Educated Guess
03 Andy's Last Beer
04 Nothin' Too Fancy >
05 Comma Later >
06 Nothin' Too Fancy
07 Cemetary Walk I >
08 Whistle Kids >
09 Utopian Fir >
10 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love >
11 Utopian Fir

Disc II 2nd Set

01 Banter/Car Horns
02 Miss Tinkles Overture
03 2 X 2
04 Ringo >
05 Kimble
06 Similar Skin >
07 In The Kitchen

Disc III Encore

01 Thanks
02 Weight Around >
03 Silent Type

Jake Cinninger - Guitar And Vocals
Brandan Bayliss - Guitar, Keyboards, And Vocals
Joel Cummins - Keyboards And Vocals
Ryan Stasik - Bass And Vocals
Kris Myers - Drums And Vocals
Andy Farag - Percussion

Show Notes: The band whose Business Model is 2nd to none, did a great Job, as did the entire venue. Rules were clearly
stated and from what I saw, folks followed them!The band's performance was great. Ben brought many tasty settings on his
lights, and Chris Mitchell did his usual excellent work on sound. It was windy and it rained most of the 2nd set. As a
result, there is some phasing of the sound. Thanks UM for affording me some space at FOH to keep my gear dry! Went with
my buddies Ernie, Tom, and Josr. Great to hand with Adam and Carley, and her Seven Layer Dip was the BOMB! Especially put
on the Rosemary Crustinis! hOPE WE STILL HAVE SOME LEFT FOR NIGHT ii!!! Rumor has us dining on Antipasto Skewers for Night II!